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Ugly E-mail
From Lesley Fountain at Friends In Business on 14 November '98
I just found this place . . . I love it!! When I think how many times
I've plucked myself bald and didn't know where to turn for help . . .

Can someone please teach me how to format e-mail so it comes out looking
the way it did when I typed it in??

I want to be able to format a newsletter so it holds its line endings,
spacers like ///////////////// don't end up on six different lines,
headlines look like headlines, etc.

I've used NotePad, SuperNoteTab, and various word processors, as well as
Netscape and Pegasus mail. No matter how good it looks before I click
SEND, it always manages to scramble and show itself differently to
everyone who sees it -- and yet I subscribe to some newsletters that
look perfect every time, so I know it can be done.

All advice gratefully accepted . . . and thanks for this GREAT place!!


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