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Yes and No
From Nicholas on 14 November '98
replying to ALTA VISTA - For Bill & Alta Vista Submitters - Always a Wait - No Matter How Good Your Site Is posted by Joey Joe

While sites will come up in 1-2 days on AV, my experience
has been that it actually takes up to 6 months before a new
site will climb to its ultimate resting place, with all
the text and tags reaching their full weighting.

That doesn't mean a user can't bring them up sooner than 2-4
months. I normally start getting AV visitors in as little
as 3 days, including search strings like "sell services web",
which is not exactly obscure. Agreed, it would take months
to come up in 1-10 for "sell", even targeting "sell" as the
most important word in my structure.

Though I couldn't say one way or the other, Danny Sullivan
at would disagree about AV only visiting
3-4 times a year, claims it's more like monthly. But I'm not
sure that makes a difference in your site's rising rankings.
I suspect an internal AV protocol quietly ticks away, gradually
pushing the pages up.

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