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Re: Max, "web providers" or "real domains"??
From Jeff at Ackley Uniforms on 14 November '98
replying to Max, "web providers" or "real domains"?? posted by Jim

>Hello All... it seems I am like almost everybody else in the last few days about problems in trying to get my site listed in the 7 major search engines .... all my meta tags are ok and my keywords are ok, just to wait??? anyway my question is this: just today on 11-14-98 Max was answering someone else about how long it takes to get into the search engines and you mentioned that it "may" take longer for people who use "web providers" such as myself , than for people
>who have "real domains"??? does this mean you think it will take longer because I have ......rather than if a person who has http://www. etc etc ......??????

Or maybe they index you (and me, with my long personal URL) quickly and
just stick the site in some "special" catagory for "personal" pages where
no one looks! I'd especially think your AOL URL is kinda like
a cyber "kick me" sign. Has anyone tried creating a real domain site
and a personal version to see which gets indexed first/better?

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