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Programming question Part II
From Bradley on 15 November '98

Thank you for your previous reply......I understand what you have said.

My next question is this..I hope I will be able to explain what I mean....Here goes:

I will give you an example: Pretend that "(checkbox)" is actually a true checkbox.

(checkbox) Lollipops
(checkbox) Candy bar
(checkbox) Popcorn

When a person clicks on a checkbox, I want to have their information emailed to five different email addresses....For example, if a user clicks on the lollipop checkbox, the back-end programming will send his/her information to five different email addresses (these email addresses are companies that sell the lollipops).

I was told the other day that I am going to need an IF statement?? The IF statement would say (in my laymens terms):

If a user clicks on this checkbox, email their information to 5 email addresses. If the user has NOT clicked on the checkbox, do NOT send the informatin to the 5 email addresses.

Does anyone have the programming knowledge that could share with me the actual coding needed to make this IF statement work (if that is in fact what I use)? What would be needed in the script and what would be needed in the HTML source code.

Your assistance with this would be very beneficial and greatly appreciated.


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