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Re: Max, Max. Web Providers or Real Domains??
From Max at The ULTIMATE authority on HTML on 15 November '98
replying to Max, Max. Web Providers or Real Domains?? posted by Jim

>Hi Max. Please what do you think? I have been trying for one month to get listed in the seven major search engins.

>I have good meta tags and keywords.
You have major HTML problems, starting with TWO heads and TWO body declarations.
Go here and test your URL ...

[!--This page was created using Personal Publisher from America Online, Inc.--]
[TITLE]Aberdeen Golf, Inc.[/TITLE]
[BODY BGCOLOR="#ffffff" TEXT="#000000"]

Everything after here is in the BODY of the page
... no matter what your page authoring program claims.

(and here you have the METS tags: too long. Way too long.
[HEAD][META NAME="description" CONTENT="A Wholesale Golf Component and Custom clubs dealer. Specializing in Titanium, Stainless, Maraging, Woods, and Irons."]
[meta name="KEYWORDS" content="golf club component,tri-metal,golf component,clubmaking,custom made golf club,titanium,driver,wood,iron,wedge,shaft,knock off,golf web,titanium,golf,tight,lie,clones,look a like,graphite,wholesale,custom,repair,maraging,assemble,equipment,custom,supplies,grips,low profile,golf club component,tri-metal,clubmaking,custom made golf club,titanium,driver,wood,iron,wedge,shaft,knock off,titanium,clones,look a like,graphite,wholesale,custom,repair,maraging,assemble,equipment,supplies,grips,low profile,technology,orlimar,winn,grafalloy,pro lite,so lite, lampkin,integra,true temper,head cover,putter,arnold palmer"]

You need some TEXT on that page that reinforces the keywords ...
the ALT text in the graphics is not enough. You need some HTML
structure too.

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