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Re: Max, Max. Web Providers or Real Domains??
From Jeff at Ackley Uniforms on 15 November '98
replying to Max, Max. Web Providers or Real Domains?? posted by Jim

>Hi Max. Please what do you think? I have been trying for one month to get listed in the seven major search engins. I have good meta tags and keywords. Do you think its maybe becasue I am using a "web provider" rather than a "real domain"?? for example I am using ........ rather than http://www. etc etc ..... or is one month too soon to tell? please what is your opinion? Thank you.

Jim, it is certainly possible to get listed, and listed well, using
a personal URL. I've never had much problem with Alta Vista, often
getting listed within 48 hours. My site is fairly well placed in
the others except for Y.... and Hotbot. But nowadays it seems that
none of them are worried much about taking in new sites. The game is
changing. I'll probably get my own domain eventually.

Your golf site looks nice to me...good photos but some graphics were
awfully big and slow. I didn't see an address for your business, not
even a city. As a consumer I'd think twice before buying any product
from a firm that doesn't give an address. That, plus the AOL URL,
makes your firm look like a home-based business.

On my site, we emphasize that we have been around "Since 1933".
We also give street addresses for our two stores, and maps to the
stores for people who want to visit us. While our long URL is a
"personal" site, it doesn't wave a red AOL flag at the customer.
I wouldn't want AOL as part of my address, regardless of how it
may or may not affect the SE indexing situation.

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