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Re: Programming question
From Baz on 16 November '98
replying to Programming question posted by Bradley


If your server is running NT (asssuming they are also running IIS), then may I ask, why have you chosen to write your scripts in Perl - or use CGI at all.

NT Server and IIS provide a very powerful programming language called ASP, this runs as part of the webserver (to use a technical term (In-process) it is parsed by a dll file, rather than having to open a seperate Perl process to run your scripts.

ASP is based on Visual basic, and as such is easy to pick up.

On heavily loaded sites, this can give you a major performance (and hence speed) advantage.

I think it is worth considering, unless you already have Perl experience.


>Quick question:
>The local web hosting company that I am going to go with is using NT machines....I will be using scripts on my site, but I am kind of confused....
>I know the web hosting company gives you a CGI directory..
>can I use a program with the extension of: .pl in the CGI directory? (it is an NT machine)
>I am using a text editor to modify the I need to change it to have a : .cgi extension? Can I chagne the script from a .pl extension to .cgi ???
>I am a little unclear about this.
>Thaks for the reply....Look forward to your clarification.

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