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Re: Programming question Part II
From Max on 16 November '98
replying to Re: Programming question Part II posted by Bradley

>>>How do you read in a text file of email addresses to send to?
>I don't understand your question.
The first example had the email addresses of ALL the recipients embedded
in the script. That's OK, but you have to edit the script every time
you want to add or delete an adddress. The second example shows how to
read in an ASCII file (lolly.txt) that has just the lollipop manufacturers.
You could change the list and upload a new list more easily than you could
edit the entire script.

>Obviously I am looking for the simplest way to do this.
That example - patched into the basic CGI FormMail script where it sends
to ONE address - is about as simple as it's going to get.

Set up the HTML form with as many products as you will have.

Start the script with one product and get it to email your manufacturers (set up two
free mail accounts as victims) with the results of having that field checked or
not checked (no mail!). When it works, clone the whole section, change the product name
to the second product and test again. Than add the third, the fourth, etc.

>Here is another idea that I have, and I would love feedback on this...
>Couldn't I use Eudora for this? I could set up a filter that would then
>forward all emails that had a specific Subject: heading...
You then end up with the problem of having to make the CGI script make
the Subject of the incoming email match what the person selected. It's not
any easier, and I can't immediately think of a way to handle a case where
the user has selected "lollipops" AND "cookies".

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