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Re: Lots of content and no real format
From Donald Zvanut at Gemstone Jewelry on 17 November '98
replying to Re: Lots of content and no real format posted by Darryl

>However, I have a philosophical problem with helping any site that offers
>>"FREE Bulk Email Software!" "Bulk Email Marketing... ALL Secrets Revealed!" and "Targeted Email List Every week."
>>to its members. It's against my philosophy :)
>It is pertty obvious that Candy's site is a Spam site. It saids it in the title, "Down and Dirty Web Marketing". What kills me is that they offer Spam free bulk email and then you go to the bottom and they offer bulk email area for adult content webmasters. It is pretty obvious to me that this site will be one that will try to reel you in and then teach you the ugly ways to market.
>I remember months and months ago a spammer came here just to Spam this site. Most Spammers (the weasels they are)will sneak in late at nite and Spamm your board. Any I went to this spammers page and it was a good one that could get you pumped up. But then I read how they don't approve of spamm. What idiots! They had just spammed this board and then they tell me they don't approve of it.
>So I email these guys and ask them to send me i wait for the the mean time I call them and ask for references the guy I was talking to comes back with 4 email addresses and saids that he just picked these out radomly. I had forgotten that I email them, asking for the same request. Guest what they sent me the same email and I think they said the same thing. I wish I would have emailed these references from two different email accounts, because I guarantee I would have gotten the same auto-response. Don't ever believe it when some saids they can give you the Moon.
>I hate SPAMMERS with a passion!
>I don't mind getting advertising in email...just as long as I subscribed to it. For example if this site puts ads in their email, it would be okay because it most likely would be something to help me.
>Hey Max I have a friend that hates telemarketers. Check out what he did to the ones that called him at home. There is an audio example. It is funny stuff. You have your choice of Real Audio or Emblaze audio( requires Java on)
Well everyone is coming down on Candy, for the spam and bulk e-mail.
I've been at this "e-commerce stuff" for about 6 months
(thats 3 years in internet time) I have not had the time long enough
to see the problems that spam and bulk e-mail can cause. But truefully
candy in my opinion spam and bulk e-mail as well as many other things
have the potential to destory the net. Believe me I've seen it in other
industries I have been in longer a lot longer than 6 months.
Medical profession for 20 years. So Candy focus your time and energy to
positive ideas of business and the net.
Dr. Doanld Zvanut

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