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Re: Has ANYONE been listed lately?/Take a look at my site.
From Darryl on 17 November '98
replying to Has ANYONE been listed lately?/Take a look at my site. posted by Jeff

>Curious whether ANYONE here has been listed in a major search Engine
>in the past two or three weeks? Excite? Hotbot? Lycos? Infoseek?

I got one of my sites listed about a week ago by Excite. I knew that excite would be coming around. Without trying we got #2 and 3 postions with major keywords.

>Also I would appreciate it if you all could take a look at my FP98
>creation and rip it apart. HTML checkers find lots of errors but
>the page looks ok on Netscape and IE to me.

When I started web pages I Netscape Composer, then I graduated to Dreamweaver, which made life easier for me. You always hear more downsides to using FP. I would get rid of it and take a step forward. You need to look at and try a few editors and see what works for you. When I first downloaded a trial of Dream Weaver, I thought this is to complicated and stayed with NS Composer. Then about a year later I downloaded Dreamweaver and Love It. It was so easy to use after I had some experience.

Using FP does not show your talent, most FP sites look similar. I can pick 9 out of 10 FP web sites without looking at the source. I think most of the FP sites I see are generic and not very east to navigate.

Good Luck

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