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Software Recommendations
From Ken on 07 October '98
Hi all,
This is my first post here. I have found more useful info
here than on many of the larger boards. I hope these questions are
appropriate. I think I could ask about software without being
deluged by resellers. Not that there's anything wrong with
resellers, I think you get my drift.
Anyway, not having alot of experience in these matters, and
also not having a reliable source of unbiased information, I am
I am interested in obtaining the best prog for site submisson,
and as mentioned in other threads, one that is constantly updated is
essential. I do have a friend who has used AddWeb, and has gotten
good results. I wonder if anyone might have input on this prog.

There is also another program, or service that supposedly
creates "mirror" pages with different keywords. The prog is called
"Webseed" and is $99 per year for unlimited submissions. I don't know
about this prog but these guys leave alot to be desired on their site.
Many of the informational links don't even work, (like the step by step
link) so I wonder if this is a reflection of the quality of their

Well the last one is short and sweet.
Whats the best prog for creating screensavers?(for distribution).

I know this is alot to ask about in one post, but you get to the
point after doing so much research and checking on this and that,
that it all starts to blur together. So, I hope if this is
inappropriate, that its not to much so.
Thanks for your time.


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