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Re: Please Help..Need advice on buying the best "cloak" for hiding source code.
From Dave on 17 November '98
replying to Re: Please Help..Need advice on buying the best "cloak" for hiding source code. posted by James.

>I'm wondering why someone would want to hide their source code. If
>you've copied something, and you're trying to cover it up, you'll
>eventually get caught. If you have some brilliant JavaScript that
>no one has seen before (and you're serious), why would you want to
>hide it when you could add your permission into the code and reap
>the benefits? (Heard of Lance Arthur?)
>If the code is just plain ugly, you might have a case. However,
>hiding code doesn't make any sense.
>Take a couple more laps around the block, novice is written all
>over that post.

Perhaps I used the wrong phrase and pardon me if this post seems
novice to you James. I'm sure you have known everything since the beginnin
of the web, and everyone else is stupid.

Perhaps I need to make myself clear. When trying to get top ranking
among the search engines, everyone sees your meta tags and keywords.
I was simply asking advice about the software programs that are
available to prevent everyone from viewing the html from your pages.

I apologize to everyone that has misunderstood me.

I hope I have made myself more clear.


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