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Re: Please Help ...
From James. on 17 November '98
replying to Re: Please Help..Need advice on buying the best "cloak" for hiding source code. posted by Dave

Hello Dave,

>Perhaps I used the wrong phrase and pardon me if this post seems
>novice to you James. I'm sure you have known everything since the beginnin
>of the web, and everyone else is stupid.

I don't know everything and don't claim to know everything. However,
I do know that hiding your source code is next to impossible. If you
can produce an actual example of a site with 'hidden' code, I would
be interested in seeing it.

>Perhaps I need to make myself clear. When trying to get top ranking
>among the search engines, everyone sees your meta tags and keywords.
>I was simply asking advice about the software programs that are
>available to prevent everyone from viewing the html from your pages.

As Max stated, there may be someone willing to sell you a program
that claims to do it, but I've never seen it and if you'll read the
posts carefully, neither has anyone else. It's not something that
can be done.

There are a number of 'dynamic' examples that will hide a referring
script or action, such as frames and JavaScript or CSS calls.
However, there is no real way to 'hide' code.

You refered to another company that sells this program and I did
check them out, here's what they say ...

"Using this new security software, FOOBAR, you can prevent people
from stealing your top positioned page design. FOOBAR protects
your pages by giving one page to search engine robots and a different
page to every one else. This process happens behind the scenes and
is completely transparent to both search engine robots and human
visitors to your site."


"If you use the full features of FOOBAR, search engines will NOT be
able to tell you are using it!!"

Yeah, right. They'll probably penalize you. What they're selling is
SE spam-ware. Basically this reads like the program sends a generated
page on to the search engines and then replaces the pages on your site
with some other pages. This is an old trick, and there are tons of
posts addressing the very question right here on this board. Try a
search for "splash" or "generated pages".

For now, hold on to your cash. People will promise you the moon, are
you sure they'll actually deliver? If you're dead set on the software,
try it out. They'll let you test it out on Alta Vista for 30 days. Of
course, after those 30 days you may never be able to submit the site
to Alta Vista again, but ...


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