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Re: Software Recommendations
From Jim at deadlock Software on 07 October '98
adding to Software Recommendations posted by Ken

Hi Ken,

You were already at the right place :-)

> I am interested in obtaining the best prog for site submisson,
>and as mentioned in other threads, one that is constantly updated is

Promotion Artist has an auto update feature, you just connect to the
remote server every so often and download the latest list of sites.

> There is also another program, or service that supposedly
>creates "mirror" pages with different keywords.

P.A. does this, if you want it to.

> The prog is called
>"Webseed" and is $99 per year for unlimited submissions.

P.A. is $99 - period. Everything is unlimited.

I don't know
>about this prog but these guys leave alot to be desired on their site.
>Many of the informational links don't even work, (like the step by step
>link) so I wonder if this is a reflection of the quality of their

You can count on it.

>Whats the best prog for creating screensavers?(for distribution).

Not too sure about that one...

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