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Re: What do you do when your dropped
From Darryl on 17 November '98
replying to What do you do when your dropped posted by Tim

>Well after 2 great months of being the number one listing in excite and netfind when searching for "where to buy one share of stock" I have been completely dropped from that search overnite. I am still showing up great in other ways but this baffles me. Why? and what to do is the question? should i resubmit my index page or just let it go for a while as to not screw with my other great key word listings i have , "disney stock" and such. HELP!
Same thing just happen to one of the sites I maintain. Just got got top 5 for 4 major keywords and then disappeared yesterday completely.

Does anyone know why Excite behaves like this...There is a pattern here...I have notice this before.

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