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Re: Listing Help
From Donald Zvanut at Gemstone Jewelry on 18 November '98
replying to Re: Listing Help posted by Dave

>>Hey, I know you get 3788 of these "check out my webpage and tell what i'm doing wrong" messages a day, and I hate to subject you to it another time, but I guess I have to. The keyword phrase I was trying to get good results for was fitness equipment or commercial fitness equipment. I kept a small amount of keywords in my meta tags so they wouldn't get saturated, but I've only come up with very lack-luster results on all of the search engines. Please give me any advice you possibly could. I know that there is some problems with the other pages on the site, and I'm going to get around to fixing them as soon as I can, but for the most part they are things such as page titles and such. Nothing that anyone who wasn't looking for it would notice. Thanks.
>I think you also need to use your best keywords (several times)in the first half of
>top of your pages. The spiders on some search engines look for those.
>Also, graphics are nice, and so are frames, but your page downloaded
>a little slow for my taste. I'd try smaller gifs... :)Also, search
>engines, some of them, can't always read image maps.
The title needs to be shortened to two words: "Fitness equipment"
Also you need a Good <h1> tag on the first page. These are the
same ideas that MAX gave me. They boosted my ratings. Probably get
rid of the frames also.
Dr. Donald Zvanut

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