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Re: Excite is a definate who knows?
From Darryl on 07 October '98
adding to Excite is a definate who knows? posted by Tim Stockton

>Well, after just a short 6 months of learning this (game) of search engine shuffle. I really have no clue how they work still, sometimes they work just like this fantastic board recommends, keywords,content and such, and other times it is just a grab bag of luck, like rolling the dice. I just finished looking and looking at that u.k fundraising page, and i do see why it works, but (Max) (Deb) explain why in the world when you do a excite search for this phrase, ( one share of stock) some outta no where site with midi music pops up as number one? I see the word stock mentioned about 4 times but where is the rest? I think this is more of a game than an art. The page is any explantation for this, as i dont see it? I'm not complaining as I show up as # 3 but this makes no sense to me? Thanks, to all. Love reading the board every day.

I can't see why you are worried. Excite is a game of luck. There today gone tommorrow. They maybe number 1 because they have been there longer. Who wants to be #1 anyway...someone is always out to get number one anyway. When I search, I will always start in the middle of the page or the one with the best description. Let me ask you this...Is Excite the only search engine you worry about? On the web page I did for a friend, we got top listing for all top search engines for at least 4 keywords. But in two months time, all the other ones don't add up to the traffic Yahoo does in a day. They 85% of searhers use Yahoo. I believe it is true. I would advise to work on good listing in Yahoo and try to get put into as many categories as they will put you in and then find other similar sites the you can have reciprocal links. If you keep pluging, you can find good sites, that will send you a lot of traffic. We have one site that bring us over 500 hit a month, for free.
So I say don't focus on the other 15 % so much. Just do your description and meta tags right and let the robots do the rest and work on links.
Good Luck

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