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Re: How many % of your users leave after download first page?
From Darryl on 18 November '98
replying to How many % of your users leave after download first page? posted by Hup

>I find about 1/4 to 1/3 user leave after they download my first page,
>isn't the number too high?
Maybe the SE description of your site is good enough to lure them in, but your content does not equal what you stated. Here's an example, whe a new movie is released they put all the highlights of the movie into a commerical...then you go see the movie with high expectations....and the movie sucks.

Content does not always mean text only. There are two reasons people surf on the Internet, One is for Information and the other is for entertainment. (Jim added entertainment to his site, you have seen it if you enter at When I am looking for information it better be easy to read and specific (good stuff). When I am looking for entertainment it better be fun!!!

Content is stuff that keeps you there and takes you deep into the website...and definitely keeps you coming back.

I don't really care to shop for book comparison prices, that's me. I hate coupons tooooo! Is your visitors coming to you because you mislead them or do you need to do something different to get qualified trafic to your site.

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