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Re: Programming question
From Baz on 19 November '98
replying to Re: Programming question posted by Jim

Used to do very basic Perl at uni, on a unix box, not touched it since then - and probably take me a while to write anything in it now.

Not used anything other than ASP on an NT server, cos I've seen what running hundreds of out-of-process scripts does to them.

Read the following for more info:

It's long, but it gets there in the end...

As for power, I can do everything I want to using it, and those things it doesn't directly support, I write a server-side Activex dll (v. easy in vb5/6) and call that from the script.

>>NT Server and IIS provide a very powerful programming language called ASP
>Baz, do you have experience in both ASP and Perl? ASP is quicker and
>easier, sure, but is it as powerful as Perl, and are there any drawbacks
>(it's MS, there must be)?
>Just curious...

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