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Re: Software Recommendations
From Darryl on 07 October '98
adding to Software Recommendations posted by Ken

>I am interested in obtaining the best prog for site submisson,

Welcome Ken,
I use Jim's Submission Spider, They do update their database regularly..meaning they add and delete SE and directories. I have not used it enough to swear by this, but I don't think all the places (directories and SE)they submit to are drawing much or any traffic. They do submitt to over a 1000 places. But I will say this ....If you have multiple pages for submission or want to resubmitt certain pages in the future, it will say you a lot of time. If you know you will be submitting regularly or do web design, it is worth it.
I think the best value here is tag is only 20 bucks and for me I want to put in my meta tags last (part of my finishing touches). It does a neat job and well worth the 20 bucks.
Good luck!

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