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Re: HotBot accepting URL's again
From Galaca on 19 November '98
replying to Re: HotBot accepting URL's again posted by kudeck

>Since HotBot, AOL NetFind, Magellan, etc. are all ran from the Excite database, does it realy matter if you can now submit to HotBot. I've been under the assumption that if you submit at any of these sites, you've basically submitted at all of these sites.
>And are these all running off Inktomi?

HotBot is an Inktomi database, not an Excite database. Inktomi has multiple databases for the particular search engine that you are using.

Inktomi powered search engines include:

Yahoo (after its directory search)

All of the five have separate URL submission pages to a Inktomi database. Does it matter which one you submit to?....Not sure, but if you do a search on any of these search engines, you will get different results......

Excite powered databases:


All 3 have a separate submission page also.

AOLNetfind, along with Netscape Search (and many others) does not accept submissions.

So my conclusion is yes....... submit to any that will allow you to submit your URL.

Is this the correct conclusion?.....not sure, maybe Max and others can offer some commentary.

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