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Re: Spam Bots...
From Deb at FutureQuest on 07 October '98
adding to Re: Spam Bots... posted by Max

>Oh, you have control of the mail server? Can you run SendMail8.9? It has a lot of stuff already built in.

Well, I COULD run SendMail but I wont... We're running Qmail which is technically superior to SendMail, (e.g. the sys admin will not touch sendmail...) SendMail has many holes in it... it's just been hacked on by too many ppl at this point as a huge monolith program that trys to do to many things..(gee sounds like microsoft now lol) Qmail has proven itself to be the most reliable and secure. It's just simply kicken butt on this server! We can handle 9million msg's a day w/o blinking an eye... It's a preference really... Nothing against sendmail just that we wont run it:)

>If you are going to be rejecting any emails, WARN your users and give them the option of
>accepting ALL email if they want. Most people will consider it a valuable service, but a
>few will think you are censoring them and gripe.

Good point, thanks for bringing it up. I will be very conscious of this one before I implement anything... as of right now I'm just receiving complaints about receiving spam... but you're right..soon as I 'stop' the spam, the complaints could change face....

I'll hit the references you gave me tonight and go from there... yet again I owe you a thanks.... maybe even an apology for sucking up so much bandwidth and space on the forums huh? *grin*


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