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Re: E-Commerce
From Andrew on 19 November '98
replying to E-Commerce posted by Tim

re: phone number

Let me put it this way. At least 70% of our internet business is phone in orders (29% secure server
orders). And this is with doing EVERYTHING we can to make ourselves look reputable and trustworthy
on the net. We frequently beat out the competition because we have an 800 number and encourage
people to use it (I've seen sites that don't list their 800 # too prominently). Had a woman call me
yesterday and place and order. She said we were I little bit more than the comp., but we had the 800

Of coarse, the internet business is racking up about $1000 a month on the 800 bill.............but
it's worth it :-).................So far.

*Now, getting on my soap box, puttin on the flame proof suit*
It amazes me the number of people that don't have their own domain name or are afraid to spend a few
bucks to get their site 'going'. HEY! This is a business, you got to spend some $ to make lotsa $.
You got to do EVERYTHING you can to make yourself look reputable and trustworthy on the net. Studies
say 80% of the net users won't buy from the net because they DON'T TRUST.

If you're not willing to invest in your site, it doesn't look trustworthy.

No phone number? *L* no way am i buying anything.

No address (I ain't talking PO box here)? No sale.

Let me put it this way. You gonna put your money in Chase Manhattan Bank, or "Joe's Savings & Loan"?

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