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come on Darryl
From Tim Stockton at Frameastock on 07 October '98
adding to Re: Excite is a definate who knows? posted by Darryl

Is Excite the only search engine you worry about? On the web page I did for a friend, we got top listing for all top search engines for at least 4 keywords. But in two months time, all the other ones don't add up to the traffic Yahoo does in a day. They 85% of searhers use Yahoo.

Darryl, I find it hard to believe if you type in the key phrase one share of stock on yahoo, you wont see a little payoff should i say involved in that search, WHAT YAHOO take advertising for key phrase searches, hell yes! My major competitor is based in Yep San Fran, home of yahoo, now i have submitted till blue with yahoo, and actually have given up, why, catagories, i personally hate catagories and believe i will never be listed in yahoo, i much rather prefer being number one in aolnetfind myselft since 80% of my hits come from aol. I do worry about excite and disliked yahoo's search engine from day one of getting on this computer, i find it hard to understand and the relevance takes you into la la land at times, i dont really get it, feedback please, but yes i do believe yahoo picks for money?

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