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Re: E-Commerce
From michael at The Body Electric Mall on 20 November '98
replying to E-Commerce posted by Tim

We did a banner campaign on Yahoo in cooperation with another company (they bought
two out of the six rotations per banner slot and we bought four). We did and are
doing very well with hits, but the conversion rate to sales is rather low. I was reading
in business week that banners are quickly becoming a thing of the past. People are so
choosy about the type of advertising they will tolerate that they simply don't care. Seems
reasonable. I've never clicked on a banner myself...well, okay, some of those old CDNow ones
were just too tempting.


>Am so curious as to how many people would ever buy from a site that lists no phone number to call, and yet has a secure order form? I see so many of these sites on the web, and it astounds me how they think they can generate any business without a contact #. Contacted Yahoo for information out of the Atlanta office, 1,700 per month for specific keyword banner ad. And was told DO NOT submit more than once every 3 months or you will be considered spamming? Who knows , but this came from a call from yahoo themselves sales rep, who said, i could not purchase a listing in Yahoo, go figure.

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