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Re: the "max" results
From Max on 21 November '98
replying to Re: the "max" results posted by kudeck

>Sorry to keep peppering you with questions, but I'm driving myself nuts with this...
>Anyway, I noticed that you didn't use commas in you meta keywords
Comma versus no-comma is being tested right now, at a very secret
site in the deserts between Gila Bend and Ajo, AZ. If you blunder into it,
yuo will be shot.
I've heard both, but haven't seen anything in the available SE code
to indicate that they are biased one way or another ... as long as
you understand that using ONE comma changes the rules and means that
all single words will then need commas.

> and that you also do no repeating.
I have never repeated keywords in the META tags, and very seldom use keyword
phrases, except to effectively hide a word with two wildly different meanings
(using ... ,furniture polish, for example to keep it fomr being found with searches
for "Polish Furniture" so I can't say if there is improvement or not.

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