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Re: come on Darryl
From Deb at on 07 October '98
adding to come on Darryl posted by Tim Stockton

I do worry about excite and disliked yahoo's search engine from day one of getting on this computer, i find it hard to understand and the relevance takes you into la la land at times, i dont really get it, feedback please, but yes i do believe yahoo picks for money?

THANK YOU! I've often felt very down over the YAHOO issue... I can't lie to my clients (wont lie is a better way to put it) and when we begin promotions one of the first things I tell them is I DO NOT promise anything with yahoo.... I've gotten some in there.. and some not.

I tell them the sites that do make promises for a buck and show them sites like this one... I tell them if they want to pay for the promise go for it... I will do what I can with what I know..and the rest is up to Yahoo....

I do my best to get them listed where I can.. and then concentrate on links from other sites... as Darryl said.. many times the most hits come from plain ol free links on other web sites... I've found that be true.

ooohhh trying not to get really started on Yahoo lol.. they drive me nutz! I do not like them when I am looking for something and I do not like them when I'm trying to get something listed.. I do not like them sam I am I do not like those green eggs and ham! (ok ya caught me, Yes I am a mom *grin*)

As much as there is to be said for a human run engine... there's also a lot to be said about an engine that lets a select amount of humans decide what's "worth it" and "what isn't"

They are popular though, no argument there, and getting a sweet listing with them is something to be proud of! So I will always try.
As far as promoting them... nope no promotion from this keyboard, I'll do my best to direct newcomers to other engines...

First plug --- NOW THAT's a GREAT SEARCH ENGINE! 99.9% of the time I run a search the site I need is within the top ten!

Tha tha that's all folks...
(kinda proud I was able to keep a yahoo complaint this short:P )

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