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Re: Oh Maxieeeeeee
From Andrew on 22 November '98
replying to Re: Oh Maxieeeeeee posted by Max

Actually redwood doesn't burn very well compare to other woods. Now the teak that had. That stuff BURNS.

No kidding. It was a 30' tall building with 60' flames coming out of the top. Rather spectacular, I'm told.

As Darryl said, back up are a necessity, and I had em I'm happy to say. Well, some of them anyway. Hell I even went as far as storing some stuff at friend houses and loading some stuff to my web server as back-ups. But there's a lot of stuff that wasn't on the computer. A lot of forms and the like that were so old they were done the old fashion way (copy and paste with a razor blade and contact cement, take it to the copy store). It's amazing, you look at the same form 20 times a day, but when it's gone you have no idea what it looked like *L*.

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