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OOPS! I think you deleted your Image directory
From Darryl at Corvette Restoration on 22 November '98
replying to Re: Site Review-changes made posted by Tony

Your Images did not load ...none of them.

First of all I like javascript, Your Image rotating script won't work for IE 3.0. I have tried to find a slide show script that would work with IE 3.0. Have had no luck.

I would say get rid of the Javascript and the frames. Why? Well I am using a 17" monitor at 800x600 and it still annoys me. I don't mind frames on the side but not on the bottom or top. I hate reading anyway and now you made it harder. Plus, frames do not help you with SE submission. I know you might like this stuff or you have to please your boss or a client, but you have to decide what is important.

Your Images can be reduce in half easily without hurting the quality of the images. Just think your page could load twice as fast. I use Fireworks and a free service at, just click on the gifbot link when you get there.

Now if I was looking at picking out a vacation, your page does nothing for me except educate me on certain vaction spots. Don't make me Email you for Info. I want to know now! I would be looking for package deals. I want to know what it is going to cost me.

Hears an idea on replacing your Image rotater...For each vaction spot, give a tour using pop-up windows. To help you understand what I mean, check out the web page I am working on now. Click on it above, then click on the Shop&Restoration Tour Button. When your get there click on the Restouration tour (Not Shop Tour) and you will see what I mean. You will notice as you are touring it will give you the option to look at more pictures. I am giving the viewer a choice.

Why you are there click on the Photo & Audio Gallery, then select a Corvette by year and you will have the option to play a real song (No midi junk). Tell me how fast it loads and how it sounds. If you are interested in this new streaming technology it is at . This does not require the viewer to have any plug-ins nor does your ISP have to have any server software. They also have streaming video, so if you have some video of these vacation spots their tech is some good stuff.

I am a person that likes all the bells and whistles, but reality sucks. It's okay to use fun stuff, just don't let what you like keep customers out.

P.S. Tell me over all how my site loads. ( and what your connection is...)

Hope this helps.

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