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From Darryl at Corvette Restoration on 22 November '98
Okay,I ask for it so give it to me! Make sure your java is on. This site is image heavy, but fast loading, I hope. That is my main concern.

If your looking in Jim tell me what you think of what I did with your referal script. I made it availble on every page without being annoying.

My philospy is that people come to the internet for two thing, info and entertainment. I design it with that in mind. Check out the Photo/audio gallery and once you select a Corvette (favorite) by year it will pop-up a window. In this window will be a control panel, click on the right side(play)and audio will start streaming. This is real music, no annoying midi stuff.

If you will notice on the front page, I have a Yahoo SE, I am experimenting. On the last web page I did, I palce a the keyword "Tom Mabe" in the slot. Before Yahoo listed us...when you did a search for "Tom Mabe", it pulled up other web pages that sold Tom's CD. When we got listed , you could do a search for "Tom Mabe" and it was the only one that came up. Go ahead type it in and see. Although I don't know if it was the real reason, but I will find out over time.

Hammer...Hammmer...Hammer it! I have thick skin.

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