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Refer Me Update
From Jim on 22 November '98
replying to Destroy It! Site Review posted by Darryl

>If your looking in Jim tell me what you think of what I did with your
>referal script. I made it availble on every page without being

Te pop-up is a great idea. I might have to borrow that myself <G>

But... you have a very old version, I'd encourage you to use the script
on my server because it's been much improved, for example the error
checking makes it work much more smoothly. Your link and graphic aren't
working on the outpur screen either.

At any rate, if you do prefer to use what you have, please don't hand
it out to anyone else :)

Oh, I almost forgot, to set up the latest version all you have to do is
copy 'n' paste the code from here:

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