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Re: OOPS! I think you deleted your Image directory
From Darryl on 22 November '98
replying to Re: OOPS! I think you deleted your Image directory posted by Tony Trupp

I agree, but my client doesn't. She insists the she will always clinch the sale if someone call, whereas prices just allow someone to find a better one. I guess she has a point considering all the companies out there like biztravel, and travelocity.

Okay don't put prices, but put together a Juicy looking package they will make me call, list a bunch of goodies (stuff I get to do that is unquie)and forces me to call for more details. Tell her if she can sale them on the phone, then she better learn how to sale them on her web page. All those price shoppers are in and out. No chance to sale them if they don't stay.

>I clicked on your page darryl- I've never seen a page that huge!!! It was spread out to about 2000 pixels. Your restoration tour looks great. The pop up window on vette photo/music gallery is a little big for my window - definatly too big for anyone using 640x480! The sound loaded really quick (10 seconds or so). I'm impress. A might want to use that on my bands site soon! I have a 36.6 modem. (not problem with the speed of your site loading)

My pages are 640 pixels wide...hmmm! maybe need to go to 600...

>How does it look now? Does the Javascript screw the page up completely or do single images still load?

I could not get on your server...but I do know it won't work on IE 3.0, not sure about NS 3.0

It might not keep people with those browsers out, but it will give them a java script error that might scare them away.

>The reason that I used the frames (which I too normally try not to use) is that purpose of the site is not to inform of the countries, but rather to get the surfer to pick up the phone and call (or E-mail). Having this info on hand reminds them that they are infact on a travel agents site- not one of the 30 other "about australia sites the may be simultaneously viewing. I guess I could do without the roll overs though huh?

Most people won't have but one phone line. You need some type of form, so the viewer can easyly fill out, so they don't have to do alot of work. As far as having the contact info in front of them at all times is a close call. I think if the message is good enough...they will find it easily. Here's an example, If you by a billboard and put your name on it with all the contact you think this will be enough to get you to call. The answer is no! If your message gets there atention...then they will find the contact info

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