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Re: Destroy It! Site Review
From Darryl at Corvettes Only on 23 November '98
replying to Re: Destroy It! Site Review posted by Max

>>Okay,I ask for it so give it to me! Make sure your java is on.
> Why? It's a security risk and I don't know you from Adam's big brother.
>Use plain CGI wherever possible, not a script, because not all browsers are capable of using
>Java and JavaScript (I know a couple of BIG companies that have permanently disabled that
>feature for security reasons, until Microsoft fixes some gaping security holes).

From My logs on other Sites, people with Java off is very low. Most people don't know they can turn Jvav On or off. If I was selling product to web Industry people, then this would be important.

>>If your looking in Jim tell me what you think of what I did with your referal script.
>>I made it availble on every page without being annoying.
> What is annoying is that I click and it doesn't work, but other buttons do work without
>JAVA. When I do enable JAVA/JavaScript, I get an error:
>Line 182 OpenWindow is not defined. (Netscape3.04, 32-bit version)
>And it still doesn't work.

Hey Jim tried it and It worked for him :>) It works ok in IE 3.0 . Max do you know where I can download Netscape3.04. I don't have that version and would love to get it.
Did the error happen on a certain page or was that the error for most pages or all.
> Your color scheme is not optimal: for reasons having to do with wavelength, red and blue are
>very hard to focus on when you have the two colors together. Bright red text on a bright blue
>background is about the worst possible for legibility. Teeny red text is unreadable.
> Make sure EVERY image, especially those in the navigation menu, has
>an ALT text.

What Red on blue are you talking about...are you talking about the red in the Navigator buttons, that's the only red on blue. What teeny red text are you talking about? I will check my alt tags toooo..
Are you sure you don't have your gamma set to high.

Does anyone else think the red on blue is annoying


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