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Re: Newbie - Yahoo?
From michael at The Body Electric Mall on 23 November '98
replying to Newbie - Yahoo? posted by Rob Floyd

Hi Rob...

I personally like the look of the site, overall. Given the density of links/information you display on your index page, it's quite clean. The only obvious problem I see (and I got nailed on this too) is a lack of actual content (read=topical text) on your index page. I had the exact same thing going on, and didn't make the effort to fix it that some insisted upon because our site is more of a referral thing. However, by adding a bit of 'overview' text to my index page, I was able to create a hefty keyword density that search engines gobbled up. It's made a nice difference, and given the fact that we don't rely on search engines as much as referrals, it was really all we needed.

Others in the group can give you more detailed critiques of your code, content, etc.


>We have been trying for some time to get a listing on Yahoo. I have read the article on and post this message with much fear and trepidation. I hope this request is ok. I am looking for suggestions and even a review (if you have the time) of the site.
>I am the designer for all of the sites listed as part of the AR Group of companies and I am using the Air Security site as the test bed for search engine registration. We are currently averaging about 3000 users sessions and 27,000 hits per month. That is with some work being done on search engine development.
>Thank you in advance for your commments and help.
>Rob Floyd
>Art Director
>AR Group, Inc.

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