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Re: Newbie - Yahoo?
From Rob Floyd at Air Security International on 23 November '98
replying to Re: Newbie - Yahoo? posted by michael


Thanks for the response. I see what you are talking about but I was under the impression that Yahoo did not like much marketing hype. This was particularly in reference to the description and the title. We've kept the home page pretty bare bones.

The subpages of course a have a lot of topical text. Too much in my opinion and we're doing fairly well on some of the pages. Even there in the sites like Alta Vista and Webcrawler we are having sporadic performance.

Would it be better to add the topical text to the home page now to improve my chances to get on Yahoo?


>I personally like the look of the site, overall. Given the density of links/information you display on your index page, it's quite clean. The only obvious problem I see (and I got nailed on this too) is a lack of actual content (read=topical text) on your index page. I had the exact same thing going on, and didn't make the effort to fix it that some insisted upon because our site is more of a referral thing. However, by adding a bit of 'overview' text to my index page, I was able to create a hefty keyword density that search engines gobbled up. It's made a nice difference, and given the fact that we don't rely on search engines as much as referrals, it was really all we needed.
>Others in the group can give you more detailed critiques of your code, content, etc.

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