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Re: Destroy It! Site Review
From Max on 24 November '98
replying to Re: Destroy It! Site Review posted by Darryl

>What Red on blue are you talking about...are you talking about the red in the Navigator buttons, that's the only red on blue.
And that's the critical text, in colors that impede readibility. If you want to stick with the RWB color scheme, make the buttons
WHITE with dark blue text

>What teeny red text are you talking about?
It's in the ALT tags probably. I tend to surf with images off unless I'm
specifically looking for graphics.
Keep in mind that with a high-res monitor, all text will be a LOT smaller than on a low-res monitor.

>Are you sure you don't have your gamma set to high.
Monitors differ, and I have mine set for my preferences and reading ease. They may conflict with the
colors on web sites, but that's too bad for the site.

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