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Good show Deb!
From Brainwipe on 08 October '98
adding to Re: While it's on my mind posted by Deb

  Yes symbolic links are the best solution, mainly because the SE's
never ever know they are there, with the meta redirect when the SE
re-index's your page it will find a tag that it realy doesn't like,
and your listing will drop away, with a symbolic link when your server
recieves a request for the old page it will simply send out the new
one and the recipiant wether an SE or not will never know!

  Worth noting that the method deb discussed (using ln -s) only works
with UNIX and LINUX flavoured platforms. Im afraid that I can't help
with this on other platforms, but if any of you know how to achive
the same thing on anything other than UNIX / LINUX then here would be
the perfect place to share it with the rest of the world...

  How was that for a rant?

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