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Take a Chill Pill
From Darryl at Corvettes Only on 25 November '98
replying to p.s. - Re: using mailto with action posted by gnarly red

>>>>Can the mailto & submit buttons be combined with an a href tag to take the visitor to the download page after it has sent the mailto?
>>>Don't use tricks to get Email addresses, Make sure they know you are going to get it when they click on any button.
>>Not trying to use tricks - the submit button specifically notifies the visitor that they are subscribing to a newsletter - The page I want to take them to is a download page for the program they are enrolling in.
>p.s. - I would appreciate the person who applied to my original post - Darryl - reading through the documents at this site. This is where I found the mailto: code being used with the submit button to capture addresses. If he has a complaint, it would be better addressed to the webmaster at this site.
>In the meantime, for those of yo who know what you're doing, is there an answer to the original question - can the submit button be used to both effect a mailto: response and direct the visitor to another page?
>Thanks, gnarly
Hi Gnaryl,

You got to relax a litte bit, around here you have to have thick skin. These are words on your monitor. They are either good words or bad words, it depends on what you want to make of it. I have no real reason to come here and piss people off. If that little thing got you boiling...then I would not ask for a site review. I was just trying to make a point. Here's an example how someone tricked me. I ordered some software a while back and when I gave my credit card info, I got a message saying i would get it via mail. I have never seen anyone sale software and not offer a dowmload. They let you download a demo (which was expired). I was furious, because I needed it now. I ordered it on a weekend. Now I will always remember who I ordered it from, they won't get another order.

Anyway I think you are trying to do something you don't need to do. I do that all the time. I will think about's 3:30 in the morning..geezz! I got to go to bed. You better no say anything bad...becuase I will be real grumpy in the morning, hehe Just kidding!

Good Luck

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