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Re: number of keywords
From Max on 25 November '98
replying to Re: number of keywords posted by Marge

>The hits that I get, based on my log, are from folks narrowing the
>search, but it sure would be nice to be listed near the top for the
>two main keywords...aromatherapy or essential oils. so I don't know
>whether to just go with those two keywords, or the full range.

You are so focused on getting the "right" keywords" that you aren't
paying attention to the rest of the words in the file.


And your homework for the weekend is to find the posts where I explain
how to use the rest of the words in the file properly. I don't remember
the subjects of the posts, but if you scan my answers over the past couple
of months you'll find them.

Also read:

The quiz will be on Monday.

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