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I understand.....but how much time would it take?????
From bradley on 26 November '98
replying to Re: I need someone's gracious help posted by Max


I understand what you mean, and I appreciate your reply. The thing that gets me is the fact that I am pretty sure that it would take all that long for someone knowledgeable to do.

The script is all there and it is pretty much copy and paste (I think)...I am assuming it would take no more than 30 minutes to do if someone knew what they were doing.

I was hoping that someone out of the goodness of their heart would give me a helping hand. I know everything can't be free, but I know a lot of people that are willing to help our others.

I was hoping that I could find someone that would be willing. I also fel that this script would be beneficial to a lot of people....Although it can help me, I know a lot of other people could benefit from it.


>Matt's script is quite flexible ... unfortunately the
script archives assume that the user has, is willing
to get, or will hire, some PERL programming experience.

To get the page in operation as quickly as possible,
use a plain MailTo (whatever is available on your ISP)
and manually do the forwarding to the various places.

Once you have the checkboxes, Subject, referrers and
all the rest of that script working properly as a plain MailTo
that goes to your address, then you can worry about getting fancy.


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