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A Challenge!
From Brian Clidton on 27 November '98
Well I thought I had this search engine stuff sussed and thought I would
be adventurous and go for a difficult one - submitting a 'useful links'
page to AV (

With a liberal sprinkling of the words 'links' (20), 'useful'(4) and
'useful links'(3) throughout the page (and in the Title and meta tags),
I was confident on placing reasonable well in such a large area.
However for the phrase 'useful links' I am not ranked in the top 300!!

Obviously thinking other sites must have really targetted the 'useful links'
arena, I took a look at the #1 'useful links' page on AV
( I could only find 'links'=2 times,
and 'useful'=1, 'useful links'=1 on the visible page. The title of the
page was 'Useful Links' and there are no meta tags for description or keywords.

The #2 AV listing is even better (,
with links'=1, 'useful'=1, 'useful links'=1 (title), also no meta desc
or keywords.

For the #3 AV listing (, 'useful'=0, 'links'=0
on the visible page, with 'useful links' occurring only in the tile=1,
and 'links'=2 in each of the desc and keyword meta tags

Am I missing something??

Regards, Brian

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