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0 to 1200 visits per day in 3 months....Thinking of duplicating site.
From Brett LaCroix at LaCroix Enterprises on 28 November '98
My traffic and sales continue to increase every week.

This site ( was started 9/3/98 and is now up to 1200+ visits a day.

I have used the shotgun approach and have a ton of marketing bringing people to my site (search engines, paid links, banner exchanges, etc...)

I am making plenty of money and I don't want to mess with it too much and some of my initial SE submissions were done too quickly with not enough preparation.

I am thinking about duplicating (minus a few things, like the contest portion) the site on a second (different) domain, without the banners on the bottom.

A strictly "search engine" driven site.

My search engine standings are hit and miss now.

Will this work?

I feel that I will not lose much traffic to my current site, by having higher search engine placement from a new site.

This way, I will be able to track exactly what traffic is hitting my site from search engines, since there will be no other incoming links to this second site.




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