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Re: 0 to 1200 visits per day in 3 months....Thinking of duplicating site.
From Max on 29 November '98
replying to 0 to 1200 visits per day in 3 months....Thinking of duplicating site. posted by Brett LaCroix

>I am thinking about duplicating (minus a few things, like the contest portion) the site on a second (different) domain, without the banners on the bottom.
>Will this work?

It's WAY too much work, and dilutes your efforts. Start changing your existing
pages to make them more SE friendly and resubmit. That way you only have one
site to deal with and one strategy to worry about.
A 3-month old site getting 1200 hits a day is doing GREAT ... so concentrate
on improving it.

>This way, I will be able to track exactly what traffic is hitting my site from search engines, since there will be no other incoming links to this second site.

Your log files should tell you this. I get a web-based report every 15 days from my ISP, including which SEs sent how many people my way,
and how many came from other sites (via links) and how many were "other" (bookmarks and hand-typed). If you don't get this kind of a report,
ask Jim (or me) about an ISP that will provide them for you. Yes. we are resellers for them, but we're not getting rich from it, and it won't
cost you extra to arrange service through us.
Are they any good? Jim just moved to them.

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