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Re: Maxbait: Java and JavaScript evils
From Max on 29 November '98
replying to Maxbait: Java and JavaScript evils posted by Nicholas

>You advise us to keep Java and JavaScript turned
>off on our browsers. Are we to understand that:

>1. Netscape (3.01 in my case) contains a Java and
>JS compiler or interpreter?
I think it's an interpreter.

>2. Checking the "off" box in options turns those
>babies off, but good?
As far as the browser is concerned, yes.

>3. There is not likely to be any other Java or JS
>compiler in our Win95 system, or at least none that
>can be accessed through a browser hack?
I haven't a clue what you have installed on your system, but
if the browser is not reacting to the scripts, it can't pass
any arguments to any other program.

>And presuming #1 is true, what are the file names
>of the compilers? I see java\classes\java_301
That's the "class" for NS3.01 and if you search for java in the
file finder you will probably find others.

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