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Re: 0 to 1200 visits per day in 3 months....Thinking of duplicating site.
From Darryl at Revenge on the Telemarketers on 29 November '98
replying to 0 to 1200 visits per day in 3 months....Thinking of duplicating site. posted by Brett LaCroix

>and is now up to 1200+ visits a day.

Hi Brett,
I have a friend , who's site gets anywhere from 200 to 275 hits a day for doing nothing. Half of the SE traffic he gets, comes from people who type the word "Revenge."
He does do do any online promotion, the other half of his traffic comes from being link from a couple of big comedy morning radion shows. When he does a Radio interview, with one of the bigger markets like Chicago, his hits can shot up to 1000. Then his CD sales boom.

Question: Would you be interested in banner exchange, I think the traffic we get is more specific to your revenge software. I make no money from his site, my only interest is to track and study banner use. I see a study on banner placement somewhere, that said by placing a small square banner in the right bottom part of the screen, had double or triple the click thru. It has to be viewable when your page pop up on viewers monitor. It made sense to me, because that is where your mouse sets most of the time.

He has two entrances to his site, one for people with Real audio and the other side is for people with no audio plug-ins. If you give him one banner I will give you two, one for each entrance.

If interested Email me at and leave a number and best time to call.

(minus a few things, like the contest portion) the site on a second (different) domain, without the banners on the bottom.

I would not minus anything that makes your site less interactive. Banners at the bottom don't hurt because they are not thrown in your face and the viewer has a choice to go look if they choose. I will probably use banners on another site, just to get people to go to other parts of the site.

>A strictly "search engine" driven site.
>My search engine standings are hit and miss now.

SE, just take is two of my favorite quotes, "There is never enough time to do it right the first time, but there is always time to do it right the second time" and " We don't plan to fail, we fail to plan"

>This way, I will be able to track exactly what traffic is hitting my site from search engines, since there will be no other incoming links to this second site.
You need to first,like me and others learn in an organized way, learn how to track our traffic. If you start a new site our time as your site matured, other sites will link to you without you knowing, so it won't be a SE specific site. By getting people to your site using banners and other promos is getting more qualified traffic, which is reflected by your sales.

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