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Re: Secure order forms
From Doanld Zvanut at Gemstone Jewelry on 30 November '98
replying to Secure order forms posted by Andy

>Just been looking at the secure order form service offered by this site. Once the secure server has taken the order it mails it to my mailbox. Which I then collect at my leisure. Where is the security in this, my mailbox is not on a secure server neither do I use a secure connection to log on? If this was a secure order form service I would expect to log on the secure server and collect my orders in a secure enviroment. But we all know that the Internet is the safest way of taking credit orders anyway.

The Secure Form question you have is very good. Its the same question
I had 4 months ago when I started taking orders at my web site. Basically
Jim said it so well that "people" want to see a Secure Key and that's
all and they will place an order. That is true. But the question remains
is it possible that someone has a snoop software set up outside the secure
server that when you or others gather their orders and the packets of
information with credit card info are not incrypted could be intercepted.
I have discussed this question with top software people; it is possible
but not probable to happen. I know of no occurances of this reported happenning.
I think more will be said on this as e-comm. grows and in
time their may be secure e-mail for merchant accounts. This will occur
only when the "people" start asking for it and preceive their may be
a problem. But not now.
Good Question
Dr. Donald Zvanut

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