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Re: Are customer order forms important?
From marge on 30 November '98
replying to Are customer order forms important? posted by Jeff

We don't have online ordering. If someone wants

>to buy from us, we ask them to phone us at their own expense
>(no 800-number)
>We do get some business that way. But I wonder how much ordering is
>really done through online forms? When I've bought things online myself
>I've always phoned the seller mainly to see whether they actually
>have the product in stock.
>How much online buying is done via forms versus by phoning in orders
>to the seller?

I have a LONG online order form, no shopping cart, and I don't take credit cards. Since I work from my home, I don't list the phone number online. (can you say bad experiences online back before there WAS an Internet?)

At any rate, perhaps once in three months a prospective customer, or present customer will ask for my phone number...I always give it. I have TWO customers who call in their orders, out of a list of perhaps 700 clients.

I don't see how you CAN do business on the net without allowing people to place their order online.

The way my page works, people place the order online, I email them back with a confirmation of sizes, pricing and shipping costs, and the address to send payment. They send a check, their order ships a couple of days later.

It gives me as much business as I can comfortably keep up with, bearing in mind that I have a wider product line, and packing the orders is very labour intensive.

I know if I added credit cards business would increase drastically, but then I have to look at whether I have the time and energy to handle, say two or three times the business I have now.

I have no local presence, strictly online sales.

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