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Re: Secure order forms
From Dr. Donald Zvanut at Gemstone Jewelry on 30 November '98
replying to Re: Secure order forms posted by Jim

>The rip-offs occur AFTER the card number has been given. Ideally,
>you should process the card BEFORE you deliver the goods (even then,
>the card could later be reported as stolen, or charged back by the
>genuine cardholder because they simply don't like your product). I'm
>drifting off-topic here though, what we're discussing is order form
I totally agree with this point.
Allow me to post my personal verification process that I use for each
and every order.

Order Verification for Gemstone Jewelry

1) Check credit card with Credit Probe software.

2) Verify Billing Name and Address and phone number:
a) For Visa / M.C. call First Data Resources at 1-800-228-1125.
Ask for bank name and phone #.

b) For Discover call Novus at 1-800-347-2000.
Merchant # Ask for bank name and phone #.

c) For American Express call 1-800-528-2121, 1-800-528-5200 or 1-800-544-1019 Int’l
Merchant #

3) For Visa / M.C. call Nova at 1-800-725-1243, give the first six digits of the credit card and
get bank name, address and phone number. Mechant I.D #

4) Call Bank and verify:

a) Billing name matches name on credit card.
b) Expiration date matches that on credit card.
c) Billing address matches what was given on order.
d) Billing phone matches what was given on order.
e) Ask bank is the credit card a valid and active credit card in good
standing with the bank.

5) Go to use “People Find” to check both the name and
phone number.

6) Go to and calculate shipping (print it out)

7) Send thank you e-mail to customer. Re-check mail server to see if e-mail was returned.

8) Consult MS Street Map, for address verification.

9) Call customer thanking them for their order and to verify order. And clear up any
discrepancies on the order or order verification.

10) On all international orders call postal service at 1-800-275-8777 to inquire about import
restrictions to shipping country.

11) Consider bank wire.
Washington Mutual Bank, Stockton CA.
Wire Routing #
Acct #

I like number 11.
Thanks Jim
I always enjoy these colloquials.

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