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how about an analigy
From Andrew at Robert's Hot Tubs on 30 November '98
replying to Are customer order forms important? posted by Jeff

analigy #1. just opened a store at the corner of 1st and Main. Didn't bother to put in a cash register. Don't even have any cash on hand to make change. Why bother? Most people pay by credit card anyways.

analigy #2. opened another store at 2nd and Main (hey, its's just down the street). Didn't bother to put in a phone. Saves a few $'s. Hey, most customers find me by walking down the streen. Few customers really ever call anyways.

analigy #3. My first store is in the subway. I didn't bother putting in any lights. We sell specialty products for the blind. hmmmmmm, you don't think someone sighted might want to buy something for someone they know do you? oh well............

gee, I wonder if these stores might seem a bit untrustworthy? Maybe I'll go 'next door' and see what the compitition has. Hey, it's only a click of the mouse away.

(sorry for #3, perhaps i went too far on that one)

I know that for me anyways, the first thing i look for on a web site I'm intending to spend money at is an 800 number and a real (no PO boxes) address. If it's not on the first or second page, I'm back at the search engine clicking on the next link. HEY! there's like a bazzilion sites on the net. If I don't think I can trust you, if you don't make it easy and convient to order, there's a million other.

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