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Re: Are customer order forms important?
From Baz on 01 December '98
replying to Are customer order forms important? posted by Jeff

Being in the UK, an 800 number (unless it is a uk 0800 number) is next to useless, because I have to pay international call rates anyway.

I ALWAYS use an online order form where there is one, and don't bother shopping if they don't have one or won't take international orders using it (ie. Don't insist on State and Zipcode, and have a country box.) will not take international orders unless you call them on their 1-800 number. Yeah right - as if I have time for that.

I'd rather use another site, even if they are slightly more expensive.

>My site is something of a hobby as well as a (mini)money-making device.
>We don't have a large online catalog. Only a few hot basic products
>are shown on our site. We don't have online ordering. If someone wants
>to buy from us, we ask them to phone us at their own expense
>(no 800-number)
>We do get some business that way. But I wonder how much ordering is
>really done through online forms? When I've bought things online myself
>I've always phoned the seller mainly to see whether they actually
>have the product in stock.
>Several years ago I talked with a woman who sold things online and
>she said the great majority of her sales were from telephone calls even
>though her site had a form. Have things changed?
>How much online buying is done via forms versus by phoning in orders
>to the seller?

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